The Problem:
Limited Access

Many patients with life threatening or life-impacting diseases have tried FDA approved therapies and not seen improvement to their condition

These patients often seek clinical trials as alternative therapies to survive or improve their condition

But, more than 98% of physicians in the US are not running clinical research and are not informed of latest clinical trials

So chances are, a patient’s physician may not be informed of or have access to clinical trials to be able to help that patient further

Dyania Health analyzes anonymous patient profiles to find characteristics that meet trial criteria

Dyania Health notifies your physician that they have a patient eligible for a trial and informs the physician about the trial

Your physician has access to information and can judge your potential fit because they know you best.

Your physician can inform you and refer you to a research physician running the trial

Your research physician running the trial checks your eligibility to partake and weighs the potential benefit for you

You have access to innovative healthcare that has the potential to significantly improve your health condition