Pharmaceutical companies can confidentially analyze historical clinical research or set of patients histories

Only NLP analyzes clinical research histories for extraction of biomarkers over time, before and after therapies

Clinical and Translational Research includes custom requests for our NLP engine on a contract basis.


Researchers can determine target end points they would like extracted from their own data sets


Researchers can confidentially share data set into our HIPAA compliant cloud


We run the extraction to spec and transfer structured clinical data back to the client

They can use the data extraction however they prefer, including:

  • Synthetic, retrospective, external control arms
  • Multi-purposing drugs
  • Monitoring therapeutic performance
  • Predicting efficacy and safety of drugs
  • Optimizing study protocols
  • Prediagnostic Indicators

Secure & Compliant transfer of patient histories from trial sites, de-identified for research protocols

Only NLP matches patients’ extracted clinical data points to trial criteria

  • 01

    Connect Data Sources in a Regulatory Compliant Manner

  • 02

    Apply our Clinical Brain Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • 03

    Patient Finder Interface