Progression of clinical datapoints over time:

  • Disease Progression

  • Descriptions & Changes in Symptoms

  • Performance Scores

  • Radiological Developments

  • Comorbidities

  • Assessment & Plan

  • History of Present Illness

  • Prior Lines of Therapy (Type, time since administration, outcome)

  • Adverse Events (Type, Grade, Resolved Y/N)

  • Genetic Mutations

  • Outcomes of Procedures

  • Gene Expression Assays

  • Tumor Staging (TNM)

+ many more

Qualitative & descriptive data that is timeline sensitive…

… And have unlimited variations in writing styles, abbreviations, typo’s


of healthcare data is unstructured

We Build Clinical Text Extraction Algorithms that are Disease-Specialized

Each algorithmic tool is trained to extract specific type of clinical information from physicians’ notes in patient histories.

The correct meaning of medical terminology and abbreviations

The correct understanding of applied clinical syntax of phrases and descriptions

Disease-specific parameters that form a mechanism for a certain type of clinical decision

Complexities form comorbidities and laboratory data