Synapsis AI automates (otherwise manual) chart review or abstraction from electronic medical records.

Synapsis AI combines our medically specialized Large Language Model (LLM) trained in-house with our physician-driven reasoning engine to understand, assess, and draw clinical conclusions from electronic medical records.

We automate your chart review for your needs in pre-screening patients for clinical trials, running observational clinical studies, completing reporting or registry requirements, or monitoring quality of care.

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Our medically trained LLM draws conclusions with >94% accuracy compared with a human clinician.


Our reasoning engine assesses conclusions with an inherent logic that is deterministic and consistent with a human physician’s thought process.

Clinical Trials

Pre-screen patient EMRs for clinical trial qualification


Run observational studies using de-identified retrospective or prospective data

Chart Abstract

automate chart abstraction for reporting requirements


run quality of care assessments and population analysis