Press Release

Dyania Health Synapsis AI vs ChatGPT Large Language Model (LLM) applications in Clinical Research

OpenAI’s natural language processing (NLP) tool Chat GPT has garnered increasing public
attention as one of the most well-known Large Language Models (LLMs). The health sciences
industry remains one of the last industries to seek adoption of this new technological
advancement, and it is viewed with both skepticism and excitement amongst medical
professionals. Education is needed to debunk media misconceptions about ChatGPT, clarify the
capabilities and limitations of LLMs, and demonstrate how Synapsis AI makes LLMs useful for
medical sciences.
For an industry-wide adoption of this new technology to occur, medical professionals and NLP
applied scientists must bridge the knowledge gap between Medicine and A.I. through mutual
education, understanding, and awareness. The most important facet of this goal is to establish an
in-depth understanding of what LLMs can do and what LLMs cannot do, specifically as it
relates to medicine. Mutual education fosters realistic expectations and satisfaction with due to
fit-for-purpose applications.
LLMs can predict the insights and data to be drawn from free text but alone do not suffice for
clinical research applications. They cannot infer or reason to solve a problem or question asked
of the data. For completeness in human-like critical thinking, the questions asked of the data
must be algorithmically developed with a logic based on medical standard-of-care protocols as
well as current research by physicians and medical professionals.